Scott Jurek coming to SLC

Come and see Scott Jurek speak on Tuesday, April 2nd at the Wasatch Running Center.

Should be fun!

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Running Up for Air

If you’ve spent any time in Salt Lake City over the winter, you know that we have real air quality problems here. While bigger cities like Los Angeles might get more recognition for having dirty skies, the truth is that Salt Lake City in the winter oftentimes has some of the worst air quality in the nation.

Even CBS News declared that Salt Lake City is shrouded in “a toxic fog”. 

Specifically, Salt Lake City has a problem with particulate emissions being trapped in the pools of cold air which sit in the valley where the residents live. These particulates are known by the government to cause nose and throat irritation, lung damage, bronchitis and early death.

That’s why I’ve decided to join a group of trail runners doing something fun for a good cause — to help raise money to lobby for cleaner air in our (not so) fair city.

Thanks to the efforts of Jared Campbell and others, we’ll be having a day of fun (and a little misery) on one of our local mountains trying to raise a little money.

I’ll be attempting to summit the west ridge of Grandeur Peak six times in twelve hours. The trail up Grandeur rises 3,400 feet in two miles for a total of 40,000′ of elevation change up and down.

It will be a great challenge but to do it, I’ll need your help!

We’re raising money for Breathe Utah — a group that works tirelessly to help clean up the air in Utah.

Will you help me by considering a pledge to donate to the group if I successfully complete this challenge?

I’m asking for friends and family to help me by donating at least $4 per lap. (Or whatever you can afford.)

To pledge, please leave a comment below or email me at

If you can’t afford to give, please consider coming out to join us on March 2nd, 2013. I’d love people to join me for part of a lap or to come to the base of the mountain and support me by bringing me food or — most importantly — some encouragement and a friendly face.

If you’re able to afford making a small donation to Breathe Utah in support of the athletes attempting this extreme challenge, not only would I appreciate it but all of us who call this wonderful place our home would as well.

I hope to see many of you very soon!

Here are some photos I’ve taken from Grandeur Peak over the years:


grandeur_evening grandeur_twilight grandeur_sunset

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Moab 55K spots available

It looks to me like they’ve opened up more spots for the Moab Red Hot 33K/55K.

karlmeltzerredhotThis race usually fills the summer before, so get ‘em while they’re, um, hot.

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Photo of the Day 12/13/12

You want me to run up that hill?! Are you serious because I swear to god, I am not in the mood for jokes. (Tahoe Rim Trail 100)

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Squaw Peak 50M still open

For the first time in I-don’t-even-know-how-long, the Squaw Peak 50isn’t going to hold a lottery because it didn’t fill.

Runner coming down from Windy Pass (via Davy Crockett)

In fact, there are still 75 spots available. Crazy! Go forth and register.

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ATY 24hr

I have signed up for Across The Years 24hr race on December 31st.

My primary motivation is to avoid having to go to any New Years Eve parties. Suffering with good people beats relaxing with drunken jerks any day of the week.

See you all in Phoenix in a few weeks!

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Grand Canyon Solo Double-Crossing

With abundant free time while on holiday break, I decided to head south to the Grand Canyon to enjoy a classic route across the canyon in the cool autumn temperatures.

I took great pleasure in the beautiful drive through central Utah, taking my time and noting several locations which may be good for exploring in the future. Soon, the snow-capped mountains near Brianhead gave way to the red-rock sands of Kanab, Utah. I crossed the border into Arizona and enjoyed a truly spectacular sunset in the hills just above Page, AZ.

A beautiful sunset in the hills above Page, AZ.

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Finding Traction

I gave these guys some money today. Watch the trailer below and then make a donation. Please and thank you.


Finding Traction Trailer from Partnership Productions on Vimeo.

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Red Bull 400M

Hey, you know who else has a 400M ski jump?!


We gotta do this.

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Mountain Runner falls of cliff, survives

Let’s not forget that what we do can be pretty dangerous. Last weekend, there was the tragic death of Teresa Farriol at Ultra Cavalls del Vent and then news of a local runner nearly dying after sliding down a cliff in Alaska.


Careful out there, kids.

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